Who owns AmzTracker?

AmzTracker is a very popular service among Amazon sellers, easy to use and helpful as it is. I wouldn’t say anything bad about it. It gives sellers the possibility to simply track their competitors and improve keyword rankings. I do believe it is an excellent solution and many known experts in the industry are using it. It is a tool made to serve every seller who wants to step in behind the scenes and make his business more successful.  But what if behind the scenes there is another ‘behind’ which you are not aware of and would never be able to cross?

Over a year ago AmzTracker was purchased by another company, but it seems nobody talks about it. Let me dive into few facts…

UPDATE April 06, 2017

Before you read the facts presented below, please take a look at the comment by Travis Jamison. He has created and later sold the AmzTracker. According to Travis, you should not be concerned about what you will read in this analytical blog post.


According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office online database and the search tool JUSTIA Trademarks the registration of logo and the name of “AmzTracker” has been filed for trademark registration on the 15th of December 2015 by the Chinese company called Shenzhen Valuelink Technology Co., Ltd.

August 30, 2016 the trademark owner changed to VALUELINK DATATECH LIMITED – company based in Hong Kong.

Click here to read AMZTRACKER Trademark Details

Shenzhen Valuelink Technology Co., Ltd. as an Amazon seller

One interesting observation came into my mind. If you do a closer look, the original applicant of the AMZTRACKER trademark, Shenzhen Valuelink Technology Co., Ltd.,  has several other names registered, which are actually the brand names of physical products sold on Amazon.

DBPOWER – the biggest of their brands selling electronic devices. Hundreds of DBPOWER products can be found on Amazon US, as well as on other marketplaces like Amazon Germany. They are also among the top 500 sellers on Amazon Japan. I used to be an Amazon DE reviewer, and I have reviewed several of DBPOWER products as well.

Other smaller brands owned by the same Shenzhen Valuelink Technology Co., Ltd. company:


Therefore, we can assume that Shenzhen Valuelink Technology Co., Ltd. is a serious Amazon seller distributing its products through multiple Amazon marketplaces.

Other services owned by VALUELINK DATATECH LIMITED

Trademark registry reveals that there are two other known services for Amazon sellers, which are owned by VALUELINK DATATECH LIMITED as well:

VIPON – ex-Review Clubs “AmzReviewTrader.com” and “AmzReviews.co.uk”. These services were always part of the AmzTracker, so no big news here.
AMAZOOKA – solution to automate your Amazon sales.

Connection between “Shenzhen Valuelink Technology” and “Valuelink Datatech Limited”

I do not know the direct relationship between the physical product seller “Shenzhen Valuelink Technology Co., Ltd.” and trademark owner of various Amazon seller services “VALUELINK DATATECH LIMITED”, it might be two unrelated companies, but there are some signs that these two might be related.

Here is the screenshot from TMView – the global trademark database. We can see that the supplement’s trademark NATROGIX is registered in US by “Shenzhen Valuelink Technology,” but in Europe the same trademark was registered by “Valuelink Datatech.LTD”


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nick says April 1, 2017

I’ve been telling people for a year on the various forums about this. Nobody seems to know or care. And it’s not just the Chinese companies who can use the data, it is more than likely that many of the US based companies also do. This data is very valuable, and unless it actually states on their website or their policies, assume that your data is being used.
JS probably makes a lot of money from everyone’s data.

Josh says April 1, 2017

Yeah Travis sold the company last year to a Chinese based company. Got out at the right time.

Interesting I didn’t know they also owned all those big brands

Arturas Abraamian says April 2, 2017

Great info, I was actually considering leaving AMZTracker 🙂 And also saw on payment reference that is located in China.

Thank you!

Travis Jamison says April 3, 2017

I’m the guy who originally created and sold AMZ Tracker. Just to put it out there, I have no financial interest in the future of the company. No bonuses or anything, so what I’m about to say has no financial motivation.

1) Pretty much ALL of the software providers are also sellers. It takes niche expertise to create something like this. I was also a big seller when I started AMZtracker. This is a good thing, otherwise the product would suck. I started AMZtracker to scratch my own itch for a rank tracker which I never would have done if I wasn’t actively selling.

2) The people in China who bought it were already MASSIVE sellers before they ever even heard of AMZtracker. Look at the brands, it’s obvious they have been around forever.

3) I don’t expect you to believe me, but they really are not even remotely close to stealing people’s ideas. For one, there simply isn’t a need. They have a 100+ person team in China that just do product research, marketing, and manufacturing all day every day. To take it even further though, the Chinese guys are barely even involved with AMZtracker except with Chinese support (it’s too small for their vision and the amount of money they raised). It’s almost all a bunch of Westerners living in Asia, and only a couple of them are even sellers at all. The brand new CEO is a very well respected American dude from the startup space. I look up to him, and his ethics are without question.

I really do get the point of the article, and I can’t blame anyone for being concerned as I’ve questioned it myself with other services, but in this particular case I can say that it’s just not happening.


Rohan Whelehan says April 4, 2017

Hi Augustas,
very interesting article about AMZ tracker. I am a new seller to Amazon UK and looking to do promotions and have been considering using them. But I wanted to ask if you have any other promotion sites you can recommend for UK and European sellers as most of the ones out there seem to be for the US only.


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