Demo Mondays #2 – AMZPing

AMZPing is an easy to use software, which shows Amazon sales and inventory data across all marketplaces in one place. Meet Paulina Masson – the founder and creator of AMZPING.

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Here is the list of features and topics covered in this video:

00:59 Introduction to the presentation
01:23 The information seen on the AMZPing’s dashboard and how to use it to analyse your business
01:38 Trends section of the app – what does it show and what you can learn from it about your sales
02:38 Pulling the sales for the specific time period
03:48 Sales dashboard – analysing why seller made less profit this month than usual
04:22 “Hide my Product information” button – handy for taking screenshots and sharing them publicly without revealing product data
05:08 “Sales” main table – the data columns
05:18 How it is possible that a product which sold 0 units made $16 profit?
06:06 Activating additional details on the sales main table
06:37 “Margin” data column on the sales dashboard.
07:27 How to find out why certain product made lower margin profit than expected.
09:03 What marketplaces are covered by the application?
09:24 AMZPing automatically converts report data from the currency of different Amazon marketplaces into the currency chosen in your settings.
10:20 How to change the web app currency for all the pages.
11:20 Pulling combined data of overall transactions for all different Amazon marketplaces
12:08 Sales dashboard takes all the sales related taxes into consideration (European VAT, Mexican VAT, US Sales Tax, Japan etc). Adjusting the tax information per country manually.
14:52 How to analyse why I make a low margin on certain products?
16:06 Fetching data about one particular order
16:40 How to check how much money you loose on product returns by the customers. Product refund analysis.
18:51 Overview of different widgets on the main dashboard: top product sellers, 1 day profit record, etc
19:28 Inventory Management feature overview
19:42 “Inventory” widget on the main dashboard
21:05 How can you manage your inventory using AMZPing?
21:32 Analysing and planning your inventory
23:27 How many units to reorder?
24:27 What are the high season months for the specific product?
25:57 Getting the details on how the “number of units to be reordered” was calculated.0
26:53 How AMZPing helps to forecast the date of when your next inventory order should take place
28:58 How adding specific keywords to the internal product description can speed up searching needed items in the future
30:22 “To Do List” feature
30:44 “Sellers” section – Hijacker monitoring for your listings
31:05 “Resources” section: Influencers, tools, links to the extensive Amazon selling “how to” guides
31:55 Demonstration how AMZPing gets connected to the Amazon seller account
33:02 How long does it take to fetch the initial sales data from the Amazon servers
34:08 What kind of sellers are the best fit for AMZPing application?
35:02 Pricing overview
35:47 What features are planed in the near future?
36:20 Upcoming feature: Multiple seller accounts
36:36 Upcoming feature: Inventory management expansion: managing local inventory, its logistics, storage between the warehouses, etc
36:54 Upcoming feature: Storage Fees: which item, what fees, long-term storage, monthly storage, etc
37:40 Support – what’s the best way to solve the issues as AMZPing user?
38:43 US Sales tax – how is it shown on the AMZPing application?
38:43 Offer: use “Demo Mondays” link and get an extended 45 days trial (instead of 14 days)


DEMO MONDAYS is a Monday video series hosted by Augustas Kligys, where the creators and owners of Amazon seller softwares are invited to demonstrate their tools to the audience. Watching these presentations will help you decide, which software to choose for your Amazon business.

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