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Product Selection in Amazon Germany with Greg Mercer

This is a session from the European Private Label Summit 2017 – the online conference for Amazon FBA sellers in European marketplaces.

I have challenged Greg Mercer, the founder of Jungle Scout, to demonstrate how to find a product in the marketplace without knowing the language. Greg does not speak a word of German, but using the JungleScout tools he managed to identify a potential product idea.

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Who owns AmzTracker?

AmzTracker is a very popular service among Amazon sellers, easy to use and helpful as it is. I wouldn’t say anything bad about it. It gives sellers the possibility to simply track their competitors and improve keyword rankings. I do believe it is an excellent solution and many known experts in the industry are using it. It is a tool made to serve every seller who wants to step in behind the scenes and make his business more successful.  But what if behind the scenes there is another ‘behind’ which you are not aware of and would never be able to cross?

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