Facebook Groups for Amazon Sellers

Are you looking to connect with Amazon sellers having pains the same like you do? Check this list of Facebook groups and find a specialized ones which might answer your burning questions. Use “Search” box to filter list by the keyword.

NameNumber of MembersComments
The Amazing Seller50,783By Scott Voelker from The Amazing Seller Podcast
Merch by Amazon49,861Focus is on Merch by Amazon
MySilentTeam.com41,587Group by Jim Cockrum
Amazon FBA Rockstars!39,393
Amazon FBA Competitive Edge35,570Group by Greg Mercer and JungleScout
Amazon FBA Ninjas!30,775
FBA Master Group27,090Group by FBAMaster.com
Amazon sellers24,805
Amazon FBA High Rollers | Private Label Secret Strategies23,994Group by Manny Coats and AM/PM Podcast
Amazon Domination21,533
Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers19,866
FBA Today (Amazon Selling)19,693
Amazon FBA Newbies!17,069
FBA Sourcing Simplifiers14,948
WORTFILTER.DE: eBay Amazon FBA Online-Handel eCommerce Abmahnung14,177Group by Wortfilter portal about ecommerce. In German
Secret Wealth Project (Shopify, Online Arbitrage, Private Label)13,240
FBA Tactical Arbitrage12,755
Amazing Seller Updates for Amazon Sellers!11,817
Amazon PPC Troubleshooting --- Sponsored Ads & AMS11,680Group by PPC guru Brian Johnson
Amazon SEO11,638Germany sellers. In German
Private Label Journey (Deutschsprachig, FBA)10,965Germany sellers. In German
Amazon and eBay FBA Powersellers Unite!10,653
eBay Amazon Shopify-Support Mastermind Group10,596
Amazon Consulting Experts (ACE)10,182
PiP - Amazon FBA Group9,612
AmaGroup - Amazon Selling And Amazon Affiliate Marketing by AmaSuite9,465
Seller Labs Amazon Seller Group8,460
Amazon FBA UK8,253
OverGrowth, the Future of Amazon Marketing.8,118
FBA Wizard8,070
Amazing Freedom - Amazon Sellers: Private Label, Arbitrage & FBA Strategies8,025
Amazon Private Label Mastermind for FBA Sellers - AmzSecrets.com7,983
Amazon Seller Performance (suspensions)7,782
Amazon Selling for Beginners7,605
The Amazon Seller7,358
Profit Bandit Amazon FBA Program Sellers Group Help and Information for All7,039
Amazon FBA Freedom6,608Vietnamese sellers. All in Vietnamese
Merch By Amazon - Marketing Your Merch6,472
Full-Time FBA6,436
Seller Tradecraft (Amazon FBA's Underground Laboratory)6,262
The Heroic Empire - by Marketplace SuperHeroes5,945
Amazon Private Label Selling with Mark Scott Adams5,815
Alibaba to Amazon From Sourcing To Selling5,762
The Heroic Empire - by Marketplace SuperHeroes5,594
Amazon FBA Private Label Sellers5,337
Amazon FBA Private Label Launchpad Group5,229
Importdojo.com - Master Sourcing from China5,062
Selling on Azon4,882
Private Label Movement4,771
Merch by Amazon School4,714
Amazon FBA Private Label - Smart China Sourcing4,636
Multichannel Rockstars ?eCommerce amazon ebay SEO E-Shop FBA Onlinehandel4,530In German
Amazon für Profi Verkäufer - FBA | MWS API | SEO | PL | VENDOR4,459Germany sellers. In German
Shopify/Etsy/eBay/Amazon Shop Promotions4,362Looks spamy
Traffic & Conversion Strategies For eCommerce Sellers with Bryan Bowman4,323
Amazon Insiders - FBA Sellers4,142
Automate Amazon UK4,123
AMZ Trainer-All About Amazon3,992
amazeowl user group3,579
Amazon FBA Canada3,556Canada
Amazon FBA Private Label Freedom Seekers3,485
Mastering Amazon Ads: An Author's Guide - Beta Group3,313
Amazon FBA Warriors!3,212By SellerPrime software creators
Amazon Professional Sellers Group3,154
FBA Top Sellers - Amazon Newbies & Pros2,951
Super Hero Sellers FBA and Online Business.2,912
Merch Elite | Merch by Amazon Secret Strategies2,870
Helium 10 Users2,845
Amazon Ungating - The Funnel Guru2,845
Amazon FBA Newbies and Nearly New2,802
Amazon Sales Acceleration Mastermind2,730
Your Sourced Inventory2,690
GDW Ecommerce Group2,520by GDW company
Amazon Private Label Law & Business 1012,508
Amazon FBA List Pushers2,456
ACoS, ????? ? Amazon PPC2,431Russian group for Amazon PPC
Amazon UK Arbitrage Leads2,402
Marketplace Superheroes - Support Community2,385
FBA Downunder2,380
AMZN Mastermind2,360
Amazon Selling Secrets2,335
Tips & Tricks for Amazon FBA, Private Label & Importing2,252
Advanced Amazon Sellers Training Course2,111
The Amazing UK Seller2,097
Amazon FBA Private Label Data Research2,096
Amazon Verkäufer & FBA Deutschland2,014Germany sellers. In German
Amazon, Shopify, Aliexpress, Ask the Community1,953
Ecommerce Guider1,912
Private Label Mentoring Group1,905
AMZ Ninja1,904
Amazon FBA News1,859
Guided Imports Private Label Pros1,850
Amazon FBA Help Group1,807
Amazon Merch: Jersey Edition1,804
The (FBA) Shipping Guru1,766
Private Label University for Amazon Sellers1,728
Amazon UK FBA Sellers1,716
Private Label Hersteller / Lieferanten aus China & Asien1,643In German about sourcing from China
Merch Master1,624
Amazon FBA Sourcing in China1,587
Amazing Funnels - Become a 7 Figure Amazon Seller & Build a Real Brand.1,565
Amazon India Sellers Club1,546
How to Find a Product in 1-Hour Flat1,483
FBA Master Lists1,433
Amazon Newbies & Experienced Tools and More!1,381
Gorillaz FBA Mastermind1,333
Amazon Seller Students1,330
Merch Pursuits1,315
Amazon Stammtisch (FBA) - Deutsch/deutschsprachig1,283FBA sellers in Germany. In German
AMZ Importers1,276
Amazon Prep Companies1,273
Amazon Sellers1,230
Amazing FBA Group1,169
Amazon Ninja Lifestyle | Brown Belts1,169
Amazon Arbitrage (and Beyond...)1,160OFFICIALLY INACTIV?
Amazon FBA private label UK selling on .com and .co.uk1,137
Amazon Sellers and Buyers Room1,126
Learning FBA1,106
Amazon Super Sellers1,097
KeywordInspector (Trending) Keywords & Amazon Seller Product Research PPC1,074By Keyword Inspector
Amazoners Academy1,039
Mommy Income1,035
Amazon SEO1,004
Amazon FBA UK sellers991UK
The Amazing Seller Canada Amazon971
Anybody Can Do it Podcast : Amazon FBA | Private Label | Retail Arbitrage |953
AZON Workbench917
Amazon First Class905By Account Suspension specialist Chris McCabe
Vendeurs Marketplaces892
Amazon FBA Newbies875
Tools For FBA864
Ecommerce UK Sellers850
Amazon EU FBA Private Label840
Amazon UK FBA / Arbitrage / Private Label / Passive827
AZmazo FBA Amazon Sellers816
Amazon Ungating Community784
The Amazon Sellers Group742
Amazon FBA - Collaborative Mastermind738
Amazon EU: VAT and TAX Questions (UK,DE,FR,IT,ES,PL,CZ)727
ManageByStats Users710By ManageByStats
Wizards of Amazon659
Merch by Amazon Seller Hangout645
Get Ungated on Amazon (Beauty, Health & Personal Care, Grocery, Watches)644Ungating services in UK and US
Amazon Sellers Unite621By Chad Rubin from Skubana
Amazon Selling Hub585
Amazon SEO Tools581
Advance Amazon sellers (beginners welcome)555
PL Classroom (UK Based Amazon Sellers)554
The Amazing European Seller (DE, UK, FR, ES and IT)535
Amazon Beginners Private Label Mastermind528
Sellers Helping Sellers On Amazon FBA519
Internetbizuni Ecom Brand Builders Help Group Shopify & Amazon FBA Sellers514
Amazon Sellers Australia487
Amazon FBA software477
Amazon FBA Arbitrage - Automation & Secrets474
Amazon FBA Seller Ninjas461
Amazon Stammtisch394In German
e-Commerce Japan385
Amazon FBA Sellers Domination Group by CashCowPro384By CashCowPro
Amazon Arbitrage Academy - Mindset and more367
Amazon Europe FAQ358
The Amazon Superstar343
Amazon India FBA - High Rollers333India
Free Softwares for Amazon Product Research299
Amazon FBA Top Sellers' Secret297By ExpertsRoundup.com
Amazon Seller Center292
Amazon (FBA) USA - deutschsprachige Gruppe288Germany sellers in USA. In German
Amazon FBA Newbies Australia!284Australia!
ASM MasterMind277
Amazon UK Un-Gating & And Buying Leads257
Private Label Pros - $10k Verified231
Amazon Fba Sellers London Meetup - Grow Our Private Label Brands Together218London (UK) meetup group
FBA Empire - Private Label Community215
The Amazing Seller Worldwide213
Amazon Power Sellers - From Chaos To Control To Scale209
The Gathering - Amazon Sellers Of Europe208
AMAZON FBA Germany162
Amazon Seller UK Meetups And Side Groups156
Amazon FBA4U151
Amazon Fulfillment FBA Sellers Europe148
FBAamplifier Support Group128
Quantify Ninja105by QuantifyNinja tool
AiHello - Intelligent Ecommerce and Amazon Business Optimization Help Group95By AiHello.com software
Getting Started On Amazon : Together We Grow86
Dresden MeetUp: Amazon Verkäufer / FBA / FBM / Vendor - eBay - E-Commerce72Amazon seller meetups in Dresden, Germany
Prestozon User Group66Private group for Prestozon.com software users with cutting edge PPC tips
Amazon PPC Consultants58
Order, Shipping from China (Alibaba, Taobao, 1688) to USA - FBA Amazon56
Amazon FBA Germany54
Amazon Australia50
Amazon FBA Leipzig37Amazon seller meetups in Leipzig, Germany
Amazon FBA Europe37
FFL Amazon FBA Private Label35
Amazon FBA Seller Dortmund19
Private Label Journey (Italia, FBA)13
Private Label Journey (España, FBA)6
Yentrepreneur Amazon FBA Europe0Secret group for french speaking Amazon Sellers in France